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New Illesheim shuttle schedule starts Monday

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ANSBACH, Germany (Feb. 27, 2014) — Shuttle service at Storck Barracks changes effective Monday, March 2. The new schedule, which can be found at, replaces the previous shuttle schedule.

To see the full USAG Ansbach shuttle schedule, visit

Retiree Appreciation Day

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Attention all Retirees and Veterans in USAG Ansbach! There will be a Retiree Appreciation Day on May 21, 2015 please see our flyer at:

Provost Marshall says: Obey posted speed limits in Europe

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Know those speed cameras that are permanent fixtures on some roads or intersections? Watch your speed after you pass them, there may be another one close by.

In Europe there are roads and intersections that have fixed (permanent) speed cameras. European police authorities have now adjusted their speed camera enforcement measures by adding additional cameras, both fixed and mobile after the older known cameras. They found that drivers slowed for the known cameras and then accelerated afterwards. When this happens the prosecutors state that the speeding event was a deliberate disregard for the posted signs and fines are doubled and suspension periods are issued or lengthened. This program is used in several countries in Europe to include Germany, Belgium, and Spain.

Don’t risk it, obey the posted speed limits.

CYSS survey to be emailed to Families, staff

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What programs and services would you like Child, Youth and School Services to provide? Are your expectations with CYSS being met? Are your children receiving the highest quality care? What services have been the most beneficial to your children and family?

Parents of children participating in CYSS programs and CYSS staff members can voice their opinions by taking a brief CYSS Patron Satisfaction Survey, facilitated by the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Directorate and Installation Management Command. A link to the online survey will be sent to all Families currently enrolled in one of the many CYSS programs and the staff members at USAG Ansbach.

The confidential survey will be open for two weeks during the month of March.

The CYSS Patron Satisfaction and Staff Climate Survey provides an opportunity to measure use, helpfulness of individual CYSS offerings and identify emerging needs related to military Families.

Parents and employees will receive an online link to log on and complete the survey.

USAG Ansbach CYSS page

USAG Ansbach CYSS page

Vehicle Registration Credit/Debit Card out of service

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The credit/debit card system for vehicle registration on Barton Barracks is currently out of service and will be for an extended amount of time. Vehicle Registration can only accept personal checks, money orders, or cashiers checks so please plan accordingly.

Money orders may be purchased at the United States Post Office on Katterbach Kaserne and Storck Barracks. Money orders or cashiers checks may be purchased through Community Bank on Katterbach Kaserne and Storck Barracks or Service Credit Union on Katterbach Kaserne.


Hours of operation and phone numbers are located in our phone directory at: Vehicle Registration (managed by DES)

The Best Hometown in Europe

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COL Christopher M. Benson

COL Christopher M. Benson

Deputy to the Garrison Commander

Mr. Mitchell L. Jones


CSM Mark A. Kiefer









The best Hometown in Europe,

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