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Moving within or departing our community

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Moving from Storck Barracks to Katterbach? Departing USAG Ansbach? We have the resources here to make your move easier.

This blog is a forum for our hometown community members to communicate directly with the USAG Ansbach staff.


Whether you are moving or departing, you can find information on how to make your transition an easy one or you can speak directly with the garrison staff about concerns or issues that are not yet addressed…

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Memorial Day, Pfingstmontag holiday closures

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ANSBACH, Germany (May 19, 2015) – Friday, May 22, is a training holiday, Monday, May 25 is both a U.S. federal holiday and a German public holiday, and several garrison services will close or otherwise alter their hours during the holiday weekend.

This year both Memorial Day and Pfingstmontag (“Whit Monday”) fall on the same day.

The holidays will affect the following services:

  • Banking: The Community Bank and Service Credit Union locations at USAG Ansbach will close Monday. ATMs are open 24/7.
  • [UPDATE] CYSS: All Child, Youth and School Services will close all day Friday for mandatory training and all day Monday for the holiday.
  • CPAC: The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center will close Monday.
  • Commissaries: The Commissary at Urlas Community, in addition to its regularly scheduled Monday closure, will also close Tuesday. The Commissary at Storck Barracks will be open Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Dental clinics: Illesheim Army Dental Clinic will close Friday and Monday. Katterbach Army Dental Clinic will close Monday. For after-hours dental emergencies, call 09802-83-3856 or DSN 467-3856 or visit
  • Directorate of Public Works: The Directorate of Public Works at Katterbach Kaserne and Storck Barracks will be closed Monday. For any DPW-related emergencies, call 09802-83-115 or DSN 467-2115. To learn more, visit
  • Emergency services: The front-door services of the Provost Marshal Office, the Military Police Investigations, the Fire Department and the Installation Access Control System offices will be closed Monday. The Military Police desk and the fire department will be available for emergency services. For emergency contacts, visit
  • Health clinics: Both the Katterbach Army Health Clinic and the Illesheim Army Health Clinic will close Friday and Monday.
  • Human resources: All activities of the Directorate of Human Resources, including the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Report System, ID card office, and Passport Office, will close Monday.
  • [UPDATE] Inspector General: The Ansbach office of the Inspector General will be closed Monday.
  • Shuttle services: Shuttles will not run May 25. For normal operating times for the shuttles, visit

This is not necessarily a comprehensive list, and we will update the list as notices arrive.

Friday, May 22, is also the regular, weekly training day for USAG Ansbach. Several front-door services will be available only after 1 p.m.

Before visiting a facility or using a service, ensure they are open by contacting them. The garrison directory is located at

For on-post emergencies, call 09802-83-110 or DSN 110.

Restructuring of 12th Combat Aviation Brigade

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Department of Defense of the United States of America

Department of Defense

Yesterday, the Department of Defense announced the restructuring of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade and subordinate units in Illesheim, Ansbach, Wiesbaden and Stuttgart, Germany, as part of the Army’s Aviation Restructuring Initiative (ARI) in Europe.

The entire text of the announcement is below.

You may also read the text at by clicking here: “Restructuring of 12th Combat Aviation Brigade”


Restructuring of 12th Combat Aviation Brigade
U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs
April 29, 2015

The Department of Defense announced today the restructuring of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) and subordinate units in Illesheim, Ansbach, Wiesbaden and Stuttgart, Germany, as part of the Army’s Aviation Restructuring Initiative (ARI) in Europe. ARI is part of a major initiative to streamline and modernize U.S. forces around the world to ensure we can address current and future challenges in the most effective and sustainable way possible.

Taken together, the U.S. defense posture in Europe and Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR) are tangible and visible demonstrations of the U.S. commitment to European security through persistent air, land, and sea presence. Additional DoD force rotations in Europe complement existing U.S. posture, and further enhance our ability to project operational capabilities within and beyond Europe.

A key aspect of the restructuring of the 12th CAB is the U.S. Army’s commitment to provide a persistent, full-time rotational presence of theater-committed aviation assets to support OAR in Central and Eastern Europe and exercises in Germany. Rotational forces are critical to DoD’s ability to project power and operate the force globally — deployed and employed today throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Pacific.

The 12th CAB restructuring will mean that while some U.S. personnel and assets will no longer be permanently assigned to Ansbach, aviation capabilities will be maintained by augmenting remaining aviation assets and personnel through a continuous rotation. Aviation assets in Ansbach will be augmented even further in the event we need to surge capabilities beyond normal levels. The net result of this restructuring is that Army aviation assets in Europe will be more ready, present, and operationally flexible. This is particularly important in the current strategic environment.

The U.S. Army is providing a rotational presence of an assault helicopter battalion (-), two MEDEVAC teams, and an Air Traffic Service Company to complement the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade. The units rotating to Europe are trained to the highest level of readiness and will support Operation Atlantic Resolve and major training exercises in Central and Eastern Europe and Germany.

The rotational force will be located in the Ansbach area with possible short deployments to Eastern Europe in support of training and exercises supporting Operation Atlantic Resolve. These units will rotate for nine months with no gap between rotations. This rotation is part of the Army’s Army Force Generation rotation plan and is not expected to adversely affect mission accomplishment.

These actions will result in the reduction of approximately 1,900 U.S. military positions and an estimated 2,850 associated family members in Germany. Approximately 1,000 military will remain in the Ansbach and Illesheim area as of the fall of 2016, including rotational forces. Approximately 20 Department of the Army civilian employees will be added to the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade. However, three local national employee positions will be reduced in the near term. Long-term impacts on local national employment will not be clear until the restructuring is complete and the rotational program has been in effect for some time.

Bowling centers temporary change in hours of operation.

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There will be a temporary change to the hours of operation for the bowling centers. On Katterbach Kaserne the bowling benter will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays starting March 30 and extending through June. On Storck Barracks the bowling benter will be closed Mondays starting March 30 until the end of May. These changes are to accommodate the process of hiring additional personnel.

Retiree Appreciation Day coming May 21

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Attention all Retirees and Veterans in USAG Ansbach! There will be a Retiree Appreciation Day on May 21, 2015 please see our flyer at:

Vehicle Registration Credit/Debit Card now operational

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The credit/debit card machine at Vehicle Registration at Barton Barracks is now operational. For information on registering your vehicle, visit Vehicle Registration directory listing